Market day

by Bonnie Pockley

The market is always fun. Since we moved here, about a year ago, we go every saturday without fail. I can hardly believe that the twins were only 12 weeks old on our first visit and are now racing around on their own, sans stroller, sans hand holding. There’s a bit of chasing going on, don’t get me wrong, but it feels a lot more free with the little ones walking on their own. I love seeing our friends there, buying fruit and veg and shopping for treasures. Today we found ANOTHER dress for Inca (her dresses almost deserve a post of their own); a straw hat and gorgeous black vintage bathers for me; an old atlas with beautiful maps and a lime tree for the garden. Later on little Edie dropped around for a visit and played with the twins while we chopped up fresh tomates and garlic to go with the fresh lamb we were given from a friend’s farm.

Also on my mind…I’ve been looking for an old, round birdcage for the kids room and secondhand Bumgenius or Itti Bitti Nappy Co. all-in-one nappies in good condition for a good price. Now that it’s almost summer Inca and Pax are in cloth nappies 90% of the time again. I’m starting to toilet train them (16 months old) hoping that they’re all done and dusted with nappies by 2. I’m also dreaming about a canon 5d mark II camera and a little corner of a shop selling vintage clothes. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.