Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

1. Sleep in peace when day is done 2. This is how we eat: Roasted almond, pumpkin and lemon rocket salad. 3. Clutching the rescue remedy: this boy has 18 teeth 4. Nude run before bath time 5. Favourite spot, favourite necklace 6.New bathers 7. The best toy 20 cents can buy 8. Prefers to be pushed 9. Beautiful light 10. Best game ever.

On my mind…a new job starting Sunday…eek; a beautiful Olympus SLR camera (a little less dear than the Canon); the vintage markets in Texas; old fashioned rubber stamps; visiting friends; a voyage to New Zealand at Christmas; bathers (I LOVE them); a new jewellery range and a LITTLE SHOP for Colourbash. It’s been a low-key week. Hamish is home and so there are 4 hands on deck and the babies are loving it. There have been lots of trips to the park where the twins can now navigate the play equipment on their own – clever little devils. They both love the slide and chasing the birds.