And the soul spoke softly…

by Bonnie Pockley

My little ones,

From the moment I heard your hearts beat together on a screen in a doctor’s office, I knew I loved you. What I didn’t know was that on the day you were born, MY heart would break with a joy and love so profound I would never find the words to express its gravity. I wasn’t sure what having twins meant and I think, I was a little unprepared. It has not been easy, but with every hardship there is the equal and opposite reward and you, for me, are the greatest love I’ll ever know. My wish is that this world treats you kindly and that your tread is always soft, your path always guided and your failures instructive. My wish is that when you fall, you land on your feet and that you know that your Pappa and I will always be there for you. You are lucky because being a twin is a special thing. You weren’t born alone like most of us and you will never be far from and always connected to another. I’m sorry if I ever treat you as a single entity and do not give your individuality enough credence. I know that this can happen. I only hope that you feel the special kinship of your bond and realise that you have not missed out but gained the most extraordinary treasure. Everyday I watch you grow and develop and feel panicked that it is all happening so fast. I started to document the day to day so that I might bottle it all in some way. This blog is for you, mostly, and for Pappa and me and a way for us to remember your beautiful souls as they strike their own relationship with this world and begin their own journey across the course of time.  I love you,

Mamma xxxx