Picnic at Hanging Rock

by Bonnie Pockley

For the first day of summer, we gathered as a family for a picnic at Hanging Rock. If you are a Victorian local, you’ll know the story associated with it but for the rest of you, it’s famous for being the place where 3 school girls and a teacher disappeared in 1900 – mysteriously. The most well-known of these was Miranda and Hanging Rock seems to always be referenced with her name said in echo, over and over, ‘Miranda…Where are you?’ It’s funny but actually, Hanging Rock has an eerie feel to it – at once exquisitely beautiful but also expansive and haunting. To add to the excitement of our visit, the SES arrived to rescue a man who’d become stuck climbing off the path and was lodged in the side of the cliff unable to get out. A crowd gathered and, for a moment, held its breath.