DIY paper flowers

by Bonnie Pockley

Paper flowers are something I’ve become very good at making since a slight obsession with their beauty motivated me to work out how to perfect them. These are a fairly straight forward type to make but are also one of the most visually effective.



Fold paper for the petals in half and cut out 3 semi-circles along the seam so that they fold out into a full circle. Fold semi-circle in half again and cut out a segment so that it takes the form of a love heart. Repeat with the other 2 circles. Take black paper for the stamen and fold into a quartered, concertina strip about 2 inches long. Snip evenly along black paper then fold around straw grass stem and tape into place. Cut the point off the heart shaped pieces and open up to a full circle which will now look like a petal segment. Scrunch up, then re-open. Repeat with the other two. Thread petals onto stem and tape in place. Ta-da – paper flowers.