House of treasures

by Bonnie Pockley

A slow start and a hot drive to Avoca did nothing to detract from an ever-so inspiring day with Linda Jackson. After a short introduction we were taken on a tour of her work that had been displayed in my Godmother’s – Lyndal Jones – house. An artist in her own right, Lyndal has spent many years restoring what is actually a magnificent old building – as if bringing it back to life. The place has a personality and a presence, at once tangible and majestic but also gentle like an old-man shepherd watching over his flock. With its high ceilings and ancient mantled windows, it proved to be the perfect backdrop to artwork that has drawn its inspiration from the Australia landscape and delves deeply into rich ochres and  desert colouring.

Following the tour we ate lunch and gulped down cool water, glass after glass, then went on to hear the processes behind her work, her anecdotes and her place in the Australian fashion scene during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. The rest of the afternoon was very relaxed. As the heat soared we worked on sketches, paintings and other bits and pieces under her guidance and with quiet conversation erupting over everything from Vogue visiting ‘The Alice’ to new federal laws regarding the Australian fashion industry. During a quiet moment we chatted about Waratahs and her deep affinity with the Australian landscape, ‘They are jewels…’ she said of the Waratahs, ‘…how could I go past them?’

As somewhat of a gypsy I also ventured the question, ‘Where feels like home to you?’

She looked at me for a minute, peering ever-so-slightly over the top of her glasses.

‘Where is home?’ she chuckled.

‘Australia! I think there’s even a song about that.’

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