Secret garden

by Bonnie Pockley

Almost two years ago, Hame and I left New Zealand to return to Australia knowing we were having twins. We were scared out of our minds. We’d taken time off and given away possessions. We had been living off savings. We had wanted a proper break before launching into a new life in a different country. We weren’t prepared for this. Hame had planted an orchard at the back of his parents’ house and we had both spent a lot of time weeding around new growth and caring for the fragile trunks of freshly planted trees. Sometimes, in the evening as the last light was fading, we’d wander together, wondering what lay before us. Like a secret spoken between friends in quiet confidence, we admitted that we were terrified. Now, here we are again, in the evening as the last light is fading, wandering around the garden with small footfalls trailing behind us. As if to answer an echo that has been held here in suspension, I turn as we are heading back to the house – just for a moment – and whisper, ‘Everything will be alright.’

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