White heat

by Bonnie Pockley

It’s been an entire week of the mercury reaching 40 degrees plus. It’s a white heat, a blinding heat, a heat that blares through the window and wastes the day. While the children had their afternoon sleep, Hame and I also slept but woke up groggy and disorientated. Fans blasting, windows shut, we let the twins climb in and out of a cold bath and run around nude – all of us desperate for the onset of evening and with it, some relief.

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Also on my mind: fresh fruit from the garden (the figs, apples and apricots are all ripening), work/life balance, late night workouts underneath the stars, a year long subscription to Mystic Medusa (I won it and I love it), a special birthday for an honorary family member (Karen I’m talking about you), weekend adventures and all things MATRIMONY – the when, the where, the how.