Today we weep

by Bonnie Pockley

Finally the roads are open. As my family head up north without me (the twins are too young to take and we must stay behind), I search for new information and any bushfire media. I’m not prepared for how confronting the images are. 44 thousand hectares have burned so far and the landscape is left black and in ruin. It has been the worst NSW fire in a decade. All coverage locates our house amongst the area of  greatest damage and devastation. It is so bare that  the once covered ground now looks like rough sand. Today our hearts break. Today we weep.

UPDATE: Due to road closer, everyone returned the same day they left. While the roads remained closed, residents of destroyed houses were granted passage back into the mountains the next day. We left this time, altogether – the babies staying behind with Hame while I joined the others to survey the damage.


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