Coup de coeur

by Bonnie Pockley

Years ago, when I was browsing in Artisan Books on Gertrude Street in Melbourne, I came across this extraordinary coup de coeur. I had never heard of Ernst Haeckel but was immediately taken by his extraordinary monographs of organic forms. A biologist and the first full professor of zoology in Jena, Haeckel was an emphatic advocate of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Obsessed with morphology, he delved deeply into the ever-increasing complexity of life form and their organelle structures. ‘Art Forms in Nature’ is a compelling compilation of some of his work. Evocative and at times alien, his highly detailed illustrations are at once recognisably beautiful and other worldly strange. Take a look:

DSCF1644 DSCF1645 DSCF1646 DSCF1647 DSCF1648 DSCF1649 DSCF1650

Art Forms in Nature is available to buy here