Favourite things: wooden toys

by Bonnie Pockley

I don’t love plastic toys. It’s just one of those things. I feel like they are probably hazardous to my children’s health, unsustainable and generally counterproductive when it comes to doing my bit for recycling/ ethical trade/ sense of karma. Wooden toys are a different matter. Not only is there an old-world charm to their aesthetic, they’re often beautifully made, cleverly designed and intelligently engaging. While PLAN TOYS are certainly a go-to for me because of their above-board manufacturing and all round environmental consciousness, there are some other great products on the market. Here are a few favourites: 

1. PLAN TOYS wooden drum  2. PINTOY cash register 3. PLAN TOYS ride on elephant  4. HANSA walker 5. SELECTA SPEILZEUG wooden rattle 6.PLAN TOYS excavator 7. SELECTA SPEILZEUG wooden book 8. PLAN TOYS pull-along zebra 9. WHEELY BUG bee