by Bonnie Pockley

As the Chinese New Year approaches I find myself hell-bent on clearing out clutter and checking off my to-do lists. It almost feels like it did in the days and weeks before the twins were born…frantically getting things ready because something big was coming and everything needed to be ordered and essential, if it was to remain. It’s taken a long time to get here. That I can only address this now is, in itself, indicative of the drought I have suffered – a  depravation but also an inquisition of the Self through sleepless nights and chaos filled days. It’s the embracing of a new aspect of identity in order to forge forward as the same, but an edited version of the old ‘me’. It’s an opening up, a cycle starting over, a redefining at the end of a long exhalation and the moment before deeply breathing in.

Who am I?

Daughter, sister, lover + Mother. 


Image via Republic Of You