Eveline Tarunadjaja

by Bonnie Pockley

When I knew this girl, we were in our 20s, hanging out in dark bars, whiling away the hours until the next-thing-to-do. We were still at uni, but not the same one and so I knew her from a distance, by acquaintance through a mutual friend. What I remember was this: she’d carry around a little sketch pad, drawing quickly but precisely, adding to elaborate illustrations of dark-haired girls and curios. There was brilliance in what she did. You could see it then. She never seemed to make a mistake, rub out or question anything. It was as if she’d practiced the same piece over and over until it was almost an afterthought to put it on paper. Except, she hadn’t and we’d watch intently as these extraordinary images poured out of her unwillingly, like a flood gate open, unable to be stopped but always perfectly formed.

All original artwork credited to Eveline Tarunadjaja. All images via here. Shop all Eveline Tarundadjaja here:

1. Snowflakes $750 2. Wardian Case $1,400 3. Goodnight Sweetheart $800 4. Noon $300 5. Needles and Pins $600 6. Daybreak $300 7. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo $1000 8. Duck Duck Goose $700 9. Rock-A-Bye-Baby $800