Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

Right now I feel inspired. My secret project is well underway and the possibility that comes from action and creation has spilled over into my life and my dreams. Anything is possible and everything feels right. You know the feeling? I’m savouring the moment and making end-roads towards personal milestones. My material for motivation: big dreams and little dreams – fine wire lace-making, a floristry day course, yoga, writing and raw food.

DSCF2324 DSCF2295 DSCF2286 DSCF2284 DSCF2203 DSCF2195 DSCF2266 DSCF2189 DSCF2185 DSCF20361. Object de charme – Jewellery stamps (some of my favourite things) 2. Raw chocolate forest cake 3. Bottom side of the Bentwood 4. Beauty in design 5. Drawer full of jumpers (finally finished all the hand washing) 6. A gift 7. Clothes hanger 8. Little black dress (Zimmerman), Samantha Wills Safari Night ring 9. Raw pizza base with smoked salmon, caramelised onion hummus, fresh roquette and feta 10. PLAN zebra.

Also this week, Mystic Medusa’s house witch cure: Shift the sofa and clean under it. Goodbye blockages.