Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

The period over Easter was – for us – a relatively relaxed, stay-at-home kind of affair. I’ve been engrossed in Grace Coddington’s memoir, we baked a whole fish on Good Friday, made some incredibly delicious, raw vegan cakes for a friend’s festivities and polished up the dinner table with some Moroccan rose oil I’ve treasured from a 3 month stint in the Middle Atlas Mountains several years ago. We are also surviving the transition to cooler weather with endless cups of favourite tea,  longer sleep-ins and cosy oversized winter knits. On our minds? A mid week trip to the coast before the end of school holidays. I can’t wait.

DSCF2959DSCF3225 DSCF3042 DSCF3094 DSCF3032 DSCF2952 DSCF2948 DSCF2981 DSCF2975 DSCF3223 DSCF3226 DSCF3233 DSCF3231 DSCF2951 DSCF3221DSCF32241. Favourite things 2. Collecting rose petal 3. Raw/ vegan chocolate cakes 4. Middle Earth  5. Fish over Easter 6. Perfect match  7. Here! 8. Goodreads 9. Upside down 10. Field Of Dreams 11. Bee, The Movie 12. Cold and Flu 13. One shoe off, one shoe on 14. Tenderfoot 15. Dinner 16. Winter warmer