Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

Autumn is here. Leaf litter patterns the pavement and the acorns have falled from the oaks. As Pappa heads back to work, the bambini and I look for new ways to keep busy. Suddenly a full 10 hours without him feels like a long stretch and we miss him even before all of our ‘goodbyes’ and the familiar lock-click of the front door as it closes. Because it’s been a while, we take the back track that runs into town along the river – the twins walking the whole way, loving every minute of it. For them it’s a new adventure. For me it’s a reminder of simple pleasures. Rugged up and  criss-crossing back and forth, I relish the freedom for them to roam in relative safety. I decide that it’s as-good-a-day-as-any  to make some raw chocolate and  get home to find that our box of organic fruit and veg from the FOOD GARDEN has been delivered. Things just keep getting better.

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1. Pappa’s toast 2. Food delivery 3. Abandoned 4. Just so 5. Hearth 6. Mamma supervises 7. Old favourites – Mamma’s kale chips 8. Walking the streets 9. Well trodden path 10. Ensemble 11. Cold, wet hair = bad habits 12. Texture 13. River run 14. Explore 15. Reeds 16. Drawn out 17. Acorns 18. Autumn 19. Home 20. CHOCOLATE

Also this week: important postage arrives, Pax works his beautiful smile, Inca decides on a new name for socks: ‘bed shoes’, copious consumption of green tea with coconut oil and season 2 of  GIRLS. 

Stuck on repeat: Surfjan Stevens – Romulus

Obsessed with (Thanks Jack): This American Life