The last leaf

by Bonnie Pockley

There’s something about the sentiment of the film – The Last Leaf – that has stayed with me for so long. I saw it years ago, as a child, in passing. It’s the last scene I remember most; a sick girl has made up her mind to die with the last leaf of the vine that she sees out the window from her bed. An old gentleman, a neighbour and an artist, takes it upon himself to spend the cold wet night, painting a leaf to replace the final one that has fallen. For him, it is fatal and so fundamentally, he forsakes his life for hers. The last leaf thus becomes his masterpiece and his legacy – the sacrifice of the old for the young, his final project and what gives him purpose of being. Now, it seems, every time I pass the leaf litter beneath a vine, I want to take a pallet and brush and paint a little leaf to leave behind. DSCF4678DSCF4673 DSCF4675 DSCF4672 DSCF4677 DSCF4676 DSCF4671

there is always hope