Deux fois deux

by Bonnie Pockley

Two years ago today,  I was admitted to hospital knowing that I wouldn’t leave until the twins were born. Already two weeks overdue, they weighed heavily on my body, pressing hard against my lungs. The problem was that they were badly positioned and weren’t, we were told, going to be born naturally. The risk of Pax’s umbilical cord prolapsing was high and if I went into labour we’d have to act quickly or one, if not both, might suffocate. It was a long week. We waited on an emergency caesarian list and it felt like we were bumped from one day to the next until one afternoon when the strain of it all got to me and I openly wept with anxiety and anticipation. The next day, on June 28th 2011, my platelet levels dropped significantly and at 2.51pm and 2.52pm they were born. Pax first, Inca second.  Deux fois deux, 2 X 2.
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