Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

We’re on the fast track to two here. There are tantrums and spit-fire everywhere. There’s definitely not enough attention to go ’round and I feel outnumbered most of the time. The balance to this is the pace at which they’re picking up new words and solving their own problems. Inca likes to dress (and undress) herself, Pax calls Hamish by his first name. They’re beyond charming. They’re infuriating. They’re funny and they’re fierce. They’re my little babies and they’re almost 2. What happened?
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1. Crayons 2. By the fire 3. ABC 4. Favourite space 5. I still make Hamish his lunch 6. New love 7. Faber Castell 8. I love a little boy with a pony tail 9. Little family (photo by Katie Henry) 10. Time Out 11. Kalashnikov 12. Bed hair 13. Our collection grows 14. Inca (photo by Lizzie Evans) 14. Katie (photo by Lizzie Evans) 15. Pax (photo by LIzzie Evans) 16. Hiawatha’s childhood 17. Vegies ready to roast