Little Rein

by Bonnie Pockley

Reine re(i)-ne\  Latin “queen” Rein: Wise/ Ruler. The name Raina (Slavic, Czech, English, German, Polish, and Russian) is the female version of Rein. The name Reine (Scandinavian) and the name Rien (Dutch) are variants of Rein.

From the moment this girl was born, there was a strength and fire in her that couldn’t be questioned.

At 2.52pm on Tuesday the 28th of June 2011 we both struggled for consciousness – me bleeding out, she born drowning and fighting for breath. At that point there was a sense of emergency. No one said anything but everyone in the room started moving quickly and silence fell over us all. Whisked out of view, I craned to see blood vomiting up from her lungs and resuscitation. At the same time I started to spiral. A sharp pain grew from my shoulder, a black haze crept in at the corner of my eyes and  all of a sudden, the caesarian anaesthetic wore off. It was, perhaps, a moment of truth for both of us.  Minutes later, I held her in my arms, her strong heart beating under my touch.

That night she slept in a crib beside my bed with her twin. After that she insisted on being close and comforted, her skin on mine, never out of reach.  She grew fierce and sure of what she wanted – in all ways with an air of authority, of knowing and independence.

So, if asked what my daughter is like? I’d say: She’s witty, she’s head strong, in charge and untamed. She’s a little girl whose spirit lives up to her name. 


Inca Rein