On gratitude…

by Bonnie Pockley

‘We are not to know why this or that masters us. 

Real life makes no reply,

Only enraptures us, makes us familiar with it.’

R.M. Rilke

In the quiet moments of observation, I am grateful. While it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of life and want of things, it takes courage and tenacity to stop and deliberately choose to see all that is beautiful, gracious and remarkable. I know I am culpable of being too quickly caught up in the heady space of things to do and milestones to chase and within it, fail to recognise moments of startling joy, simple pleasure and extraordinary love. And the thing is that once you begin to take the time to consider all that you are grateful for – the morning view, the early sun, the pleasure a little boy takes in his toy – the act itself becomes a contagion of good will and an ease of being; a reason, in fact, to be cheerful.

DSCF6038 DSCF6050 DSCF6069 DSCF6063DSCF6004DSCF6095DSCF6104DSCF6109 DSCF6128 DSCF6134DSCF5957DSCF6016DSCF6010 DSCF60221. Happy little lark – humming in the sun 2. Enraptured 3. This boy… 4. Beautiful Japanese ‘Totoro’ 5. Morning glory 6. My babies love their baby… 7. Lioness 8. For its own sake… 9. Fowl head 10. These two 11. Red rich 12. Sesame street ABC with India Arie 13. Glee 14. Playing with favourites