Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

The standout of our week has really been an op-shop fiat toy car. It goes everywhere with us and even, I dare say, to bed with Pax who also insists on sleeping with his book about chameleons. It’s been a busy week with wedding preparations, letters to post, mini adventures to the bakery to treat Hamish when he gets home from work and blinding exhaustion from having been awake with Inca most nights. For now what’s keeping me going is the new spattering of blossom on the trees, the shot of yellow wattle around every corner and the ever-more frequent warmth to the sun.

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1. Chalk it up 2. 5th of Oct. 3. Les Fleurs 4. Rearrange 5. Hangings 6. Broom 7. Boots 8. This boy 9. Sketch book 10. Children’s pose 11. This Way 12. Wattle 13. Taking it outside 14. Slow-food 15. Sleep 16. Fiat

Also this week: Cheers keeps us laughing, cooking with black sesame seeds and this stole my heart.