Not without my permission

by Bonnie Pockley

Before having children I think I imagined that they would be mine. The second they were born I realised I was wrong, that they were their own people and that I was merely their guardian and protector. As I watched them grow, they simple became more capable of expressing themselves, of communicating their needs and interests but they were born being exactly who they were and have never changed.

As an extension of this, as toddlers, they have taught me about permission. That is to say, that no matter what age and size, between one person and another there must be respect and boundaries; that for the most part,  I must seek and they must approve permission in action that encroaches on them. That even for a kiss I must ask them if I ‘may’ and that to infringe is to trespass if it hasn’t been okayed.

May I? Yes you may. 

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