Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

With 5 weeks to go, we’re in serious wedding mode. We recently spent a mad 24 hours in Melbourne running around collecting things and every day involves some kind of matrimonial organisation. In a strange way it’s as emotionally draining and fraught as it is exciting. I sometimes lie awake at night worrying about the details and whether or not it’ll all come together. Maybe its the Libran in me. I wonder if I should get another dress or have a back-up plan. My mind flirts with possible disaster and it keeps me pacing with quiet dis-ease.

None of this actually has anything to do with being married. The closer it gets, the more I realise that Hamish and I live as if we are already husband and wife. Rather it’s the shy girl in me that dreads the spotlight and attention, the spectacle of it all where you cannot hide from display nor privately retreat.

All eyes on you? I’m in a cold sweat…

DSCF6986 DSCF6961 DSCF6939 DSCF6942 DSCF6941DSCF6950 DSCF6959DSCF6935 DSCF6985 DSCF6963 DSCF6971 DSCF6995 DSCF6994 DSCF7010 DSCF7012 DSCF7027DSCF7003DSCF7061 DSCF7031 DSCF7054 DSCF7044 DSCF70481. Generations 2. Never waste 3. Sculptural 4. Parsley 5. Green thumb 6. Reflection 7. Focused 8. Silver shoes 9. Play things 10. Chalk board 11. Rainbow dust 12. Secret garden 13. The beauty of my sister’s place… 14. At ease 15. Span-dangle 16. Mumushka 17. Movement in a quiet space 18. Home again 19. 20 degrees 20. Fever 21. Sick babies lying in the sun 22. On the front deck.

Also this week: My beautiful girlfriend Kat’s birthday, my darling friend Amer’s birthday, Inca starts talking in her sleep, Pax randomly says ‘Thank you Mummy’ (for what I’m not sure), we finally see my sister’s beautiful new place and I run everyone’s numbers according to Pythagorean numerology – what fun. Email me if you want your’s done.