Sunday Supersmoothie: Raspberry Candy Crush

by Bonnie Pockley

I’m a day late with this but I’m sure you’ll forgive me. It’s a candy-like looking smoothie, without all the sugar and without all the junk. It’s quick to make, a favourite with kids and is – visually speaking – the perfect smoothie for warm spring days. Here’s how to do it:


Raspberry Candy Crush

serves 2 

2 serves Sunwarrior Organic Vanilla Protein Powder (approximately 2 heaped tablespoons)

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 tablespoon organic full cream greek yoghurt

1 tablespoon almonds

1 pinch of coconut (extra to sprinkle on the top)

Stevia to sweeten

1 tray green tea ice cube

Strawberries to decorate

2 cups water


Mix all ingredients ( except strawberries and extra coconut) in a blender until smooth. Garnish and enjoy! Happy Spring.

DSCF7719 DSCF7709 DSCF7721