Sunday Supersmoothie: Blueberry With Sweet Raspberry Dukkah

by Bonnie Pockley


‘A Sunday smoothie recipe’


Blueberry With Sweet Raspberry Dukkah

Serves 2


2 scoops Sunwarrior Organic Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder

1 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1-2 tablespoons roasted almonds

1 splash of coconut milk

1 flat tablespoon Maca powder

1 tablespoon organic Greek yoghurt

2 cups water

1 tray of frozen horsetail tea with fresh raspberries (any ice cubes will do)


I teaspoon (per glass) Greek yoghurt (we use pot set yoghurt and take the cream from the top for this)

Crumbled frozen raspberries

1 sprinkling of coconut sugar with cinnamon (coconut sugar is low GI but still sugar. I use only about 1 gram mixed in with cinnamon for 2 serves)

Very finely chopped almonds or pistachios (these may sink into the smoothie)

How to:

Mix main ingredients together is a blender until smooth. Serve and garnish. Yum!