Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

With a broken washing machine and two sick children, we’ve been hauling ourselves off to the laundromat as a stop gap. Since the toyshop is just down the road, we somehow managed to end up with two pink strollers, an extra ‘baby’ and a little toy truck in the time it took for the cycles to turn over. The same afternoon we went to the RSPCA to finally welcome a new addition to our family – a female tabby cat we’ve named Plum – who is already a constant source of delight and entertainment. The twins are beside themselves.

Countdown to the wedding: 18 days

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1. Sard Wonder 2. Little truck 3. Washers 4. Tu les deux 5. Boy and his baby 6. Garden fresh 7. Pappa loves popcorn 8. Horse play 9. The herd 10. Plum 11. Supersmoothie mix with horsetail tea and raspberry icecubes 12. Perfect egg 13. My mamma fixes my tutu for my daughter

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