The track to Chewton

by Bonnie Pockley

During spring and summer we often walk the dirt track to Chewton. It’s the nearest town to Castlemaine and the path treks through the back of the national park, close to our place. On a clear sunny day, nothing beats it. There’s a playground at the end and a little general store nearby that sells various bits and pieces including hot cups of Madura tea and locally ground coffee.

Today, after some raw apple yoghurt cake* (one of my best efforts) and a bit of play time with Plum, we took the track to and back from Chewton – trailing home along the river where we caught sight of an Echidna.

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*Apple cake ingredient: Apple, almond meal, banana, coconut oil, organic Greek yoghurt. Topping: crumbled dates and almonds.

Too easy. So delicious. Great for kids.