A moment of pause…

by Bonnie Pockley

Two weeks ago, Hamish and I gave up coffee. I should probably have begun by saying that coffee up until that point was a profound love – as a true addict and lover might say, it was something I always looked forward to, needed: the greatest simple pleasure. The idea of giving it up felt cruel – let alone unnecessary – until I read an in-depth article on its inflammatory response in those with gluten intolerance. Apparently, the protein in coffee is akin to that of gluten and the further I read down the page, the more explanation I got as to the cause of my continuing stomach pain despite being vary careful with my diet. Light bulb moment. Snap decision. No more coffee. Two weeks on I’ve never felt better. The anxiety I felt at the idea of forgoing my morning long mac. was unfounded. As it turns out I get the same pleasure, if not more, from making tea and from the ritual of the act itself – a moment of pause in an otherwise frantic day.

Countdown to the wedding: 5 days

tumblr_mqua9sl6w21ro46rko1_500Image via here via Instagram @annettabosokova by Annetta Bosokova