Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley


Because Hamish is on school holidays, we’ve been sleeping in late. The twins often end up in the same bed together or orbiting around us as we merge into consciousness. It’s been a busy week with all the last little bits and pieces, appointment to get to and things to set in motion. On Wednesday I escaped to Melbourne for a little bit of catch up time with a friend who has flown in from Chicago to be here (we have been friends since we were 7!) and a quiet lunch + pedicure + underwear shop with another precious girlfriend whose friendship and help I could have never done without. My girlfriends at the moment, are my heroes. They have gathered around me and carried me through indecision, snap decision, shattering fatigue and overwhelm. Today I am so appreciative of them…and the very supportive man I’m about to marry. Am I excited? Absolutely.

Countdown to the wedding: 1 day

Forecast: 26 °C, sunny

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Also this week: My beautiful little brother Jack turns 28, I have a newfound love of Storm In A Tea Cup‘s smokey Lapsang Souchong tea (smells like pine needles) and I can’t keep the twins from taking their clothes off!