by Bonnie Pockley

It feels greedy having a birthday exactly one week after our wedding. Luckily, I share the occasion with my sister in an odd little family double up that’d have 2 sisters born on the same day and hour but not the same year – we are 3 years and ten minutes apart to be exact. It’s rare that we aren’t together on this day and in the past where one of us has been living overseas, it’s felt as though something profound is missing. Needless to say, our little brother’s birthday is a mere 9 days before ours and so we tend to write October off as the birthday month – certainly a month of celebration for us three Librans all born 3 years apart.

So, Happy Birthday to my brother, sister and me. I made a raw chocolate mousse cake out of avocado and banana to mark the milestone.

DSCF8918 dscf8851DSCF8921