Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

While I’ve been swimming in the haze of a bad head cold, the weekend weather and all the days since has been delightful. I have to say, it helps. We’ve spent a lot of time outside planting more vegies, a few blueberry bushes and some lavender (to hedge out part of the garden) as well as having early BBQs almost every night for easy dinners. I’m also making a concerted effort to get back into the swing of fitness – somehow finding time to fit it in despite feeling a little worse for wear with a raging headache and an angry dry cough. Panadol, once again, saves the day. And so we forge on…DSCF9620 DSCF9615 DSCF9619 DSCF9544 DSCF9156 DSCF9191 DSCF9566 DSCF9565 DSCF9153 DSCF9188 DSCF9180DSCF9633 DSCF9160 DSCF9541 DSCF9561DSCF9179 DSCF9599 DSCF9574 DSCF9629DSCF9637Also this week: Endless cups of tea, a thriving strawberry patch, ALT J, Leon The Professional, breakfast at Percy And Percy, Glute training and a rare day off for both of us without the twins.