DIY baked bead necklaces

by Bonnie Pockley

The twins and I have been getting a bit bored with the routine we’re in. Because of this, I’ve been seeking out new activities for them to do that are also vaguely interesting to me. So, yesterday we spent most of the morning in town picking out ingredients to make baked FIMO beaded necklaces. They were a huge success. Check it out: DSCF0212What you’ll need: 

1 block of FIMO per child in a colour of their choice (They cost about $5 per pack)

1/2 meter of elastic per child (About 45 cents per half meter)

1 spool of coloured silk embroidery thread (1 colour per child or whatever suits @ $1 each)

What we did: 

The FIMO itself is pretty tough to mould. I ended up chopping up and rolling out the beads while the twins played with a little piece each. Remember to pierce each bead with a skewer before baking. Set the over at 130 degrees celsius and bake for about 10-15 minutes. Let them cool then thread as desired. The twins picked out their beads and elastic but I did most of the manual work. We also made little tassels out of the embroidery thread which just involves twisting the silk around two fingers until you have a little stash, cutting the lines at one end, placing the mass of strings around the knot end of the cord and tying them in place with an extra piece of chord. You really can do whatever you want with this project. All in all we made four necklaces – two each – which the twins are thrilled with and have been wearing proudly.

Next project? Pop-up cards. I’ll keep you posted.