On high board diving

by Bonnie Pockley

(1997-1999, Age:15-17)

It begins in the change room, not in that knife edge moment when the board wavers beneath you for the first time and you feel your feet slide a little against the wet surface of an unstable 50 cm wide platform 10ft above ground. It begins with an almost resigned knowing that on the first and even the 100th dive, you’ll fail. You’ll over extend, you’ll land badly, you’ll hit  the water at the wrong angle and the liquid slap against your belly will become all too familiar. It begins as a quiet truce of inevitability wherein you’ve jumped long before you’ve stepped foot on that board for the first time; long before you’ve even walked into the change room.

It begins as many things do. It begins without pomp nor surety. It begins with trust, discipline and defeat. It begins awkwardly and untrained – an idea still forming, a body still taking shape.

But just you wait…

rex-hardy-jr-excellent-of-man-silhouetted-against-sky-doing-back-dive-off-high-boardimage via here