Love letters: From A Father

by Bonnie Pockley


‘Bonnie was born when the blue gums were in flower. She was born with a wisdom and generosity of spirit that I have never seen in anyone before. She glows with an innate graciousness – like a gift. You can hear it in her laugh and in the moments when she is gleeful – brimming with joy or smiling secretly as she raises an eyebrow. She is quite different from anyone I have ever known. Her burden is that she is so attuned to the needs of others that she shoulders their troubles. I sometimes worry about this; about her huge capacity for giving love. But I shouldn’t write about this, not here. If anyone has the capacity to live a life to the full, in all its moods, it is Bonnie. In whom I try to encourage a little selfishness – just to protect her.

Graceful Bonnie.’

Her Father