Full circle

by Bonnie Pockley

I’ve got to give these two credit. The’ve become clever in their means of escape and the way they play. In recent days they’ve climbed the fence by putting the small wheelbarrow up against the big wheelbarrow, used one as a prop to the other then alley-oop, over they go.

At the moment, they’re wild-lings that play naked, forage from the garden and suck out the nectar from the flowers of the pineapple sage. They’re kind and funny and quick to pick up subtleties. Inca turned to me and asked one day if I was a little bit tired or perhaps a little bit hungry, offering me her raspberry as a means of remedy.

There has also being a lot of movement and change for me personally with chronic stomach pain giving me resaon for pause. It’s been a constant for me over the last ten years but with a particularly difficult few months of it, I’ve decided to make some changes – to become a raw vegan for a while; a very simple way of eating and even simpler way of being. Mostly this means having the courage to go out on a limb, to make choices against advice and against a common way of thinking but that for me feels right – a track guided by instinct.

…and to ease in. Gently, slowly, softly. To transition. Wish me luck!

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Also this week: A spontaneous dinner by the lake on a freezing night, raw vegan treats for the kids, a raw vegan cake for a surprise birthday, home-made flax crackers, motor-bike riding in the park and a bit of full-moon watching on the front deck with the twins falling asleep in our arms. Happy days.