Vegan plates

by Bonnie Pockley

Low fat, high raw, vegan meals: A photographic journal

Series 02

1. Green juice (1 frozen banana + 5 cups of fresh greens from the garden) 2. Kelp noodles 3. Garden salad with raspberry stained kelp noodles, avocado and broad beans  4. Orange mustard dipping sauce (tahini, coconut yoghurt, orange juice and fresh mustard) 5. Unadulterated nuts 6. Home made chocolate (vegan) for Hame (coconut sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa, orange rind, fresh walnuts from the shell and coconut chips) 7. Chocolate pieces 8. A quick dinner (rice paper rolls and supersmoothie) 9. Rice paper rolls stuffed with fresh greens, kelp noodles, carrot, bell pepper and fresh pickled ginger.