Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

For the past few weeks, we’ve been straying out to Kyneton for our morning coffee. There’s a cafe there that has Pho and peonies and toasted sandwiches for the bambini. Since I’ve gone off all meat and dairy, going back to my good old long black has been an essential crutch for social outings such as these and, I have to say, an immensely enjoyable one. And so….we sat in the sun while the children played and got chatting to the gentleman next to us that just-so-happened to have had the same professors/mentors/academic advisors as me.

Only a little bit later I bought a treasure of spectacular mystique: an antique (European) ship’s lamp over which – I swear! – you could still hear the waves of the North Atlantic Sea, crashing and thrashing on a long haul journey.

›A day of story, coincidence and colliding histories.‹

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