Wolf at the door

by Bonnie Pockley

I’m starting to get used to this: the 40 plus heat, the CFA updates, the smoke in the air, the ash landings. It seems to happen about this time every year. The landscape becomes brittle and oppressive, then the fires come. On Friday night we sat on the front deck watching a blood orange moon rise above the ember-tell of flames on the horizon. The lightening of a dry thunderstorm had lit up the sky earlier in the evening (magnificent, frightening!) with huge swarms of dragonflies issuing the first of the warnings. That night the fires were 3 kms away, out-of-control and un-contained. Thankfully by morning the update had changed but, you see, we live through summer this way, slightly on edge and threatened; waiting for the wolf at the door to break in.

At least we’ve had the distraction of good company…

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