Brad Kunkle

by Bonnie Pockley

The truth is, I know nothing about Brad Kunkle except that his studio is in Brooklyn NY and some of his paintings evoked such depth of emotion from me that I emailed him directly. There’s a Turner-esque feel to them – a turbulence and tugging that emerges from washed out landscapes and obvious overwhelm. And yet, despite the predominant sense of an inner world spilling out from his subject feminine forms, their vague sense of melancholy feels at peace, un-reaching and self-contained. Paintings sell from 14-49k.

Cocoon_lrg AndCloudsWereBorn_72 Islands_lrg South_72 TheyDidntMakeASound_72 Seer_lrg

All images by Brad Kunkle via here. Contact Brad Kunkle here.

From top to bottom:

1. Cocoon 2. And Clouds Were Born 3. Islands 4.South 5. They Didn’t Make A Sound 6. Seer