DIY coconut cream icy-poles

by Bonnie Pockley




1 tin organic coconut cream

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Liquid vanilla stevia drops (to taste – I usually add 2 full squirts from the dropper)

1 large banana

Coconut sugar to garnish (optional)



Mix all ingredients except blueberries and coconut sugar in a blender until smooth. Banana may be substituted for mango or blueberries if desired. Pour mixture into icy-pole containers (we bought ours from the supermarket for less than $5) and divide blueberries into equal parts and place a small number of each into each popsicle cup. Dust with a little coconut sugar then put sticks in place and freeze overnight. When ready, pour boiling hot water on popsicle cups over the sink and remove popsicles. Sprinkle with coconut sugar and immediately. Enjoy!