Bits and pieces

by Bonnie Pockley

Call me crazy but I’ve always found comfort in having a head cold. It reminds me of days off school, lying in white sheets and stolen time. It’s the sense of being excused. Being free. Being on your own terms. It’s the all-of-a-sudden nowhere to be and no-one to please. So, in between work and childcare and everything else, we three – the twins and me – abandoned the housework and the house rules and danced to The Middle East on repeat.

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1. Colour in the kids room 2. Baby bunting 3. Vegan plate 4. My love brought me favourite (he knows my favourites) 5. Be my valentine 6. Static 7. She’s so beautiful 8. Those lips said ‘I love you’ 9. New pillows 10. …and prints 11. His/ Hers 12. Cold change 13. Lioness 14. Watermelon wedges 15. Sick 16. I still love our organic Vegie boxes 17. I probably drink 2 ltrs of green smoothies every day. 18. Puzzling 19. Montessori 101 20. Wooden fruit

Also this week: Inca finally gets her 1 year old molars (she’s almost 3 and still teething), Pax injures his hand badly, we prepare for Hame’s birthday, a very special wedding invite arrives, the figs finally start to ripen after a harsh season, we’re addicted to True Detective and I declare that I hate hashtags on social media.