Lone wolf

by Bonnie Pockley


It may comes as a surprise to some that I’m actually close to being cripplingly shy. It’s the head-rush of disorientation at social gathering, the avoidance of lots of people, the hatred of a lens in my face and the tendency to drop off the radar for a while. My closest friends know and understand this about me and I love them for their good grace with it. They are my nearest and dearest and they know that even if they don’t hear from me I’ll be there for them when the need it, whenever, wherever, no matter what. For the most part though, I hate planning ahead, committing to being at a party and even feel myself grasping for words mid conversation as though my thought process was a kind of internal tumbleweed reaching for stasis. I guess, I hide it well but let it be known I’m most at ease alone and at home.

For so many reasons then, this week has been a challenge and a triumph. I was photographed for two shoots – one for The Australia newspaper (academic focus) and the other for a local independent magazine (fashion focus). I’m not going to say it was easy. It could possibly have been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I got through it and here’s some of the proof from the second. Dare I say, it was even fun?

All photos taken by and with thanks to Illiria Bytyci

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