DIY: Gluten free, low-fat, vegan burger patties

by Bonnie Pockley

These are delicious. Truly delicious. Make them every night for 3 days delicious. They’re also easy to prepare in advance, quick, nutritious.

Here’s the recipe:

DSCF6980 2Ingredients:

Makes 8

2 tablespoons ground flax meal

1 large yam, purple sweet potato or sweet potato – cut into wedges

3 medjool dates (optional – they give them a lovely woody flavour!)

1 capful of organic tamari

1 teaspoon of: fennel powder, cumin, coriander powder and tumeric

1 small dried chilli (less if you aren’t good with spice, more if you are)

How to:

Naked bake the sweet potato wedges in the oven at 300 °C until soft and gooey in the middle (usually about 20 minutes). Remove but leave the oven on at approximately 220 °C. Blend cooked sweet potato wedges in a food processor with other ingredients until the whole mixture balls up. Divide into 8 sections then round and flatten to make patties. Bake patties (on baking paper) for approximately 10 more minutes (turn mid way) or until golden brown.Top with fresh cut parsley and serve with salad, hummus and organic salsa to all of your non-vegan friends. Trust me, they’ll love them.