As we observe and appreciate the glorious character of the simplest pleasures, of life’s abundance and creation, of the magnificence of every contrast and every texture of being, we add to the growing expansion of the beauty and grace of what we experience. We become creators. We become the force that escalates the growth and spirit of creativity and joy. It is my intention to encourage people to begin looking at what they love and putting their energy and focus into what brings them delight. Nothing is beyond limit. Nothing is out of reach. Nothing is irredeemable. Choose your dream. Choose your future. Choose your world. And look around. What do you see? I see a beautiful world.


…a way of keeping and collapsing time – a kaleidoscope of experience and story. It’s an attempt at rendering life in all its colour and chaos and of exploring the different facets of my own creativity and character. It’s a personal project, a quiet unravelling and a means of tracking the progress of my children’s lives.


Just a girl, a left hand-er, a mother of twins, a lover of dresses, a reader of books, a student of all, a maker of things, a DIY-er, a thrift shop junkie, a Pilates fiend, a designer of jewellery and  a bohemian heart.

I also have a degree in International Relations (Int. Pol. Int. Law), a Diploma of Engineering Technology (Gold and Silversmithing), a year of Naturopathy and an irritating need to know how everything works.


Raw food, grain-free and gluten-free recipes, DIY projects and paragraph stories.